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Parameter Global Parameter Description
clrversion globalclrversion Current version of the common language runtime (CLR).
guid[1-10] globalguid[1-100] A Guid used to replace the project GUID in a project file. You can specify up to 100 unique GUIDs (e.g. $globalguid1$, $globalguid83$, etc.)
itemname globalitemname The name provided by the user in the Add New Item dialog box.
machinename globalmachinename The current computer name (for example, Computer01).
projectname globalprojectname The name provided by the user in the New Project dialog box.
registeredorganization globalregisteredorganization The registry key value from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\RegisteredOrganization.
rootnamespace globalrootnamespace The root namespace of the current project. This parameter is used to replace the namespace only in an item being added to a project.
safeprojectname globalsafeprojectname The name provided by the user in the New Project dialog box, with all unsafe characters and spaces removed.
time globaltime The current time in the format DD/MM/YYYY 00:00:00.
userdomain globaluserdomain The current user domain.
username globalusername The current user name.
webnamespace globalwebnamespace The name of the current Web site. This parameter is used in the Web form template to guarantee unique class names. If the Web site is at the root directory of the Web server, this template parameter resolves to the root directory of the Web Server.
year globalyear The current year in the format YYYY.

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